Kehillat Beijing

Founded in 1979, the Kehillat Beijing Foundation supports Jewish life in Beijing, around China, and across the world. We host Shabbat services and dinner each and every Friday night beginning at 7:00pm, in addition to a range of holiday celebrations, educational opportunities, and community retreats and excursions into one of the world's greatest cities. 

Over the May Day Weekend we'll head up to Huairou for a weekend of relaxing, fun activities, learning, hiking, some beer drinking, music-making, and laid back family friendly programming. 

More details of activities to come in the coming days.

We'll have kabbalat shabbat and dinner together in the capital club as usual on Friday, after which we will leave the city by coach. You are welcome to drive too. The venue (集贤山庄, Jixiang Villa, in Huairou) is just over an hour's drive north of Beijing. If you'd like to arrive earlier on Friday, dinner is also available at the venue.

The cost includes all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and board. Just 660 rmb.

If you will have difficulty affording this, please write to us to apply for a subsidy. No charge for infants. Small kids: 150rmb for food.

Rsvp to and we'll send you a link to pay/sign up.