Kehillat Beijing

Founded in 1979, the Kehillat Beijing Foundation supports Jewish life in Beijing, around China, and across the world. We host Shabbat services and dinner each and every Friday night beginning at 7:00pm, in addition to a range of holiday celebrations, educational opportunities, and community retreats and excursions into one of the world's greatest cities. 

Our History


While the first members of Beijing’s Jewish community arrived here as early as the 1930s and 1940s, the history of Kehillat Beijing dates back to 1979, the year Deng Xiaoping’s “Open Door” policy went into effect. In those early days, the members of the community were primarily North American business people, journalists, diplomats and students, and efforts focused on getting together for Passover and the High Holy Days, which were usually celebrated at the homes of members. The community’s first seder took place in 1980.

By the early 1990s, in addition to people from the U.S.A. and Canada, Beijing’s Jewish community had grown to embrace Jews from Australia, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Luxembourg, Poland and Russia. We coalesced as a community in 1995 and began regular Friday night services in that year, courtesy of the Capital Club of Beijing, which continues to provide the venue today. Dr. and Mrs. Jordan Phillips of the U.S.A donated a Sefer Torah, we began to celebrate all major holidays, and we put together a class for younger children and a discussion group for adults. In 1996 we celebrated our first bar mitzvah, and in 1997 our first b’rit milah–no mean feats in a city with neither a rabbi nor a mohel.

Today, we continue to be a vibrant and robust community, with weekly lay-led Shabbat services and communal dinner, and holiday celebrations throughout the year. We have traditions such as our annual retreats and purim spiel, often host bar and bat mitzvahs, and are active participants in Limmud China.  Join us!

Contacting Kehillat Beijing

Have a question about Jewish life in Beijing? Want to join us for services, festivals or events? Send an email to Amalya at with any questions you have about the community.