Kehillat Beijing

Founded in 1979, the Kehillat Beijing Foundation supports Jewish life in Beijing, around China, and across the world. We host Shabbat services and dinner each and every Friday night beginning at 7:00pm, in addition to a range of holiday celebrations, educational opportunities, and community retreats and excursions into one of the world's greatest cities. 


Kehillat Beijing is entirely dependent on the contributions, membership dues, and school fees of our community. All of our services and special events are organized by volunteers. As a growing but small congregation of Jews in the world’s most populous country, we welcome and urge your support. Your help can make a real impact on Jewish life in China today. 

Click on the below links to sign up as a member of Kehillat Beijing. All donations and membership dues are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers.

5779 Membership Fees

Membership for Families:  ¥9,200 / $1310

Membership for Couples:  ¥4,600 / $655

Membership for Individuals:  ¥2,300 / $327

Friends of Kehillat Beijing (for non-Beijing residents): ¥1,800 / $256

These are suggested dues and should not in any way be an impediment to joining the community. If you have any questions regarding membership or dues, please contact


Since 1979, Kehillat Beijing has been committed to providing a year-round Jewish home for all of us. Donations support expenses incurred by bringing Rabbis and Cantors for important holidays, meal expenses for traveling students, and educational programming for our community's children. Your donation will continue to make Jewish life in Beijing possible. All donations and membership dues are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers.

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